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Camella Sta. Cruz is a community that is set up in a huge expanse of land measuring 17 hectares. This huge space has allowed the developers to incorporate a number of interesting amenities and features for the convenient and luxurious living of the residents. The list of amenities includes various indoor and outdoor activities that the residents can indulge into on a regular basis. These amenities allow the residents to lead an eventful lifestyle while still being well within the community boundaries. 

There are enough wide spaces and lush greenery all around Camella Sta. Cruz making the ambiance a peaceful and pollution free one. This provision allows the residents to reside in an environment that is perfectly suited for the kids and the elderly. The property features a huge clubhouse which features a number of activities that the occupants can indulge into. These activities are apt to get all the age groups of residents to get indulged and keep occupied all the time. 

There is a large sized swimming pool featured in Camella Sta. Cruz which allows the residents to enjoy swim sessions with family and friends. This pool is decently sized and is extremely well maintained by the maintenance team available on the premises. This allows the residents to enjoy the pool benefits without any disruptions. 

A large sized basketball court is another interesting feature of Camella Sta. Cruz where the residents can spend some quality gaming time. The youngsters need not head out to different clubs in order to learn and enjoy this amazing sport. Apart from this huge basketball court which caters the requirements of the teens and adults the property also features various playparks meant for the little ones. The little members of the community can spend some quality time in these playparks playing their favorite games with friends and siblings. 

For all the fitness freaks of Camella Sta. Cruz, there are wide jogging paths constructed within the property premises. The occupants can anytime head out for a jog. Be it morning, evening or night one need not bother about the hour of the day. This provision allows the residents to stay fit and healthy without investing in any of the other fitness centers or clubs.

The beautifully landscaped gardens featured in Camella Sta. Cruz makes the ambiance a supremely healthy, beautiful, and pollution free one. The property is also a highly safe and secured one making it an ideal place for families to dwell. The perimeter of the property is concretely fenced and the entrance and exit gates are secured by trained security professionals. These security individuals keep a strict eye on all the happenings of Camella Sta. Cruz.

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Playparks
  • Jogging Paths
  • Landscaped Gardens
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